At the Waggon and Horses we are passionate about game meat. Game meat is wild and natural, part of our countryside harvest.  It is part of our heritage as well being a vibrant and a modern addition to today’s lifestyles and food choices.

Over the past twelve months game, when in season, has featured regularly on our specials menu. Game pies and casserole, duck kiev, pheasant fritters and pate, rabbit ragu, pigeon breasts along with venison loin have all been particular favourites. These are sourced both locally and from estates in Wales, Lake District and Northumberland.

Our game meat is healthy, local, natural and delicious. Game meat is low in fat with a high content of polyunsaturates.  It is full of vitamins including Iron B6, Niacin and Riboflavin. Nutritionally it is akin to skinless chicken breast meat. Venison is a tasty and healthy alternative to beef.

Game lives on natural habitat, roaming free, enjoying life. In our game larder you will always find venison and when in season pheasant, partridge and duck.   You can see below some of our mouthwatering dishes.


From time to time we will publish more information on the game & special menus that we are serving.  We will also release some of the secrets of our much loved menus - watch this space.