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Local Walks & Visits

Whether you go with friends, family or a walking group, heading off to the hills for a walk can create great memories. But the secret to success is all in the planning…

When it comes to finding amazing places to go walking, we really are spoilt for choice in the local area.  Most people love to explore new places and enjoy a pint or two after a good day’s walking – mix those together and that’s a good enough reason for us to go away. In addition, the experience provides so many great memories and can also forge strong friendships. If you don’t walk regularly with a group, why not invite some friends instead?

Although it sounds like an effort, organising a group trip can be as easy or as hard as you make it. You don’t need to go crazy, it could just be you and a small group of friends or it could be you and thirty others. (although no-one can guarantee perfect weather…)

Location, location, location

Deciding where to go is possibly the most important element of the planning process, but with great local walks (& pubs!) around us it can also be the most difficult. You may wish to take your group somewhere you’re familiar with, show off the place where you grew up or spent some of your favourite holidays, or you might be looking to discover somewhere completely new.

Whatever you decide we hope that you want to start or end your walk (or both) at The Waggon & Horses, Hawkshaw. We've started to build a page on our website that gives some local information. If anyone has any great ideas for a walk or place to visit, please get in touch and let us know so we can share with everyone.


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