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On Friday (24th August), the Waggon & Horses was glad to support the launch of "Didsbury Gin'.

You may remember that our "Waggon Shout Out" email showcased Didsbury Gin & how the 2 new flavours would be available at The Waggon over the bank holiday weekend.

In 1919 the botanical gardens of Parsonage & Fletcher Moss in Manchester were gifted to the people of Didsbury by, a quintessential English village with Anglo-Saxon roots.  Taking inspiration from the vibrancy and colourful nature of the gardens, local gin enthusiasts Liam Manton & Mark Smallwood sought to create a refreshing citrus twist on a classic London Dry Gin.

Combining traditional artisan methods and infusing modern botanicals: Didsbury Gin is clean, crisp & zesty - good enough to drink neat, perfect with tonic, delightful in cocktails.  Hailed by Vogue Magazine as ‘One of the most exciting new British Gins’  - we believe our passion for using a combination of fresh peels to lead the flavour profile enhances our overall distillation process by releasing more fragrant essential oils from our ingredients - We use a blend of hand-peeled fresh citrus from sustainable sources, British roots and hand-cracked juniper berries, with subtle undertones from our roots to bind the flavours together.


While remaining on our ‘Gin’ theme, I’m pleased to invite all you Gin lovers out there to our first “Gin Tasting Evening”.  On Thursday 20th September John will be hosting the event.   We’re selling tickets at £25* per person, this will include a tasting of 4 gins of your choice, plus 2 tonics & sharing platters.

For reservations and/or tickets please call 01204 887549.  You  can also call into The Waggon at any time to purchase your tickets at the bar.

Our Gin Night will be compared by dedicated gin experts & ambassadors - you will experience a range of different gins, receive tasting notes and learn about their special ingredients. A selection of premium gins will be available to taste on the night.  For more details and information on how to book your ticket, see


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